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Can You Improve Your Space With Timber Deck? Sure. Here's Why.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

So guys, ever been in a position where your renovating, or building a house/office, and you found space in the terrace/pool. Then you start thinking : what to put on the surface?

After googling and stumbling upon options, you then come up with WOOD.

Why would you choose wood?

WPC sounds fancy?

Or concrete-wood alternative?

Wood, unlike other materials, come from nature and breathes nature. It creates this immediate identity that your space is natural, and that you appreciate it. Say like leather, it ages over time, none of your leather will be exactly the same with others, may contain dings and scratches. Timber also will age into dark/grey patinas over time, dings and scratches, shrinkage and movement. This will make your spot seem very natural-ish and will somewhat feel like you're in some jungle / forest / whatever natural site. (Right? No? Okay.)

The wood knots, grains, color will never be the same and repeating over one board to another. None will be printed and seem fake to the eyes.

Another awesome feat is, when its super hot and sun directly heats up surfaces, timber usually absorbs the heat and neutralizes the feel to your bare foot. Also when super cold, it wont be as cold as your ceramic floors and make your feet sting.

Poolsides? The best use of wood decks. Non-slippery, heat reduced surfaces for people stepping out of the pool.

But again, personally we think WOOD isnt for everyone.

Some people hate the maintenance, some boards will move and need re-coating.

Some people prefers the unformity of plastic colors, with pattern printed grains.

Some people feels termite will eat the whole deck site.

So what are you? DId we miss another reason why not to use WOOD? Or maybe a reason why to use WOOD? Let us know =)

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