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Is Colour Matching Timber Possible?

So to be frank, it is impossible to colour match timber to a certain extent.

All buyers of timber must realize that they are dealing with natural resources, which makes it impossible for humans to create a matching colour piece by piece. Of course we're talking 1-2 level tones of colour variations, not expecting to mix white and dark brown. Coatings and stains have evolved also in finishing, so we can aid to the differences to a certain extent.

Facing the fierce competition from composite products, timber has struggled to answer the question of colour matching. Other competitors from plastic materials can print the exact same colour piece per piece.

But now we see this in a whole different perspective, where these subtle random variety, marks wood as nature. Wood's uncontrollably various colour, certain knots, certain grains, has become the beauty itself. Unlike industrious products where all are the same and consistent, this trait we believe is the added value of wood itself. Dont you agree? 🙂


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